A long time coming, I have been taking pictures longer than I can remember. My father was a photographer, I remember seeing pictures of me and my mother with Chicago as the backdrop. I wish I could have foresight to secure and preserve the pictures. But they are lost now.

I can't imagine what film based photographers went through, with having to constantly having to check their settings and lighting to insure the best possible exposure. Then having to process them in a darkroom, I guess the unknowing how the picture will turn out, having the Christmas like feeling when they start to come into focus and they see the masterpieces.

Now with digital camera technology, cloud storage, the Internet we have an incredible power to capture moments in time and share them with the loved one, friends, the world instantly.

Quickly switching from amateur to serious hobbyists, professional right around the corner. I love the intricacies of this world, I really want to make this my full time profession. Open up a studio, fill the time with photojournalism. I want the entire world in front of my camera.